These hammocks are made tough for Australia.  Designed, engineered and brought to us by Cottier Slings, Australia's hammock company.   Made from parachute nylon with a 180-kg maximum weight capacity rating, running around 2.0-3.0 oz per square yard without a ripstop weave.  Measures 200-cm x 300-cm, larger than standard hammocks, making one-person resting extra cozy, spacious and even more comfortable.  Ideal for couples or any two persons as well with a combined weight of at most 180-kgs.  Each hammock comes with built-in pocketbag, pre-installed carabiners on both ends, and two 3-meters daisy chain straps for easy no-tie method.  Everything fits nicely in the pocketbag resulting to a total weight of just 900-grams.
Comes in 4 creative colours.

Parachute Hammock

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