This might give us a new meaning to sustainable eating. 

The coco bowl is a superb eco-sustainable lifestyle essential.

100% natural, biodegradable, and compostable, plus very Earth-friendly (zero-waste production).

Instead of discarding the coconut shells and burning them releasing significant amount of carbon dioxides and other atmospheric hazards, it'd be a great idea to take advantage of their sturdiness and use them as food bowls, for our snacks, soups, smoothies, cereals and meals.

With matching ornamental ebony spoon and fork, it's high time we level up our sustainability practices!


The set comprises:

(1) One JUMBO fumigated and polished coconut bowl (14cm diameter and7cm depth) with logo engraved,

(1) One REGULAR-SIZED fumigated and polished coconut bowl (9cm diameter and 5cm depth) with logo engraved,

(1) pair ornamental ebony spoon and fork.   


Coconut Bowl Set

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